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Dental implants are made of Titanium or Zirconia and are placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth very close to the original tooth’s look and function. 

When dental implants are placed in your jawbone, they bond with your natural bone in about 3 to 6 months. We can replace one or multiple missing teeth with modern dental implant technology at the Prestipino Dental Group in Bethesda, MD.


Is it safe to do dental implants?

Dental Implants are embedded in the jawbone in a surgical procedure. Implants are typically made of Titanium or Zirconia, and both options of implant materials are considered safe, biocompatible, and FDA-approved. The success rate for dental implants is 95%.




Why Choose Us?


The Prestipino Dental Group is home to a team of highly educated, trained, and experienced dentists. Together, they offer patients with missing teeth personalized solutions to restore dental health. Focused on providing the highest standard of care and incorporating leading science and techniques, patients benefit in many ways from their knowledge, skill, and innovation.


Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris surgically graft either type of dental implant in our Bethesda dental office to replace one, several, or an entire arch of lost teeth. Our dental care team pays attention to every detail to safely provide an exceptional patient experience.


Dr. Prestipino developed the first all-ceramic dental implant abutment, which aids in offering a more natural restoration. He is also a member of the American College of Prosthodontists and a Fellow in the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics and the Academy of Osseointegration. Dr. Sfondouris graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry, in the Fellowship program for Periodontics, Implants & Prosthetics. He specializes in prosthodontics, a branch of dentistry dedicated to revitalizing the smiles of patients with damaged or missing teeth.


Dr. Prestipino and Dr. Sfondouris work with patients to listen to their concerns and evaluate their smiles for the best possible restorative results. Our dentists at Prestipino Dental Group are dedicated to patient education and health. Dental implants in Bethesda, Maryland



Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our dentists will examine your teeth using 3-D digital imagery to create an effective treatment plan. If you require surgery or periodontal therapy before receiving your implants, we can help coordinate your care. Dr. Sfondouris is an experienced prosthodontist who works with patients who have missing or damaged teeth. He can recommend bone grafting, sinus augmentation, or other treatments that may be added to your restoration process.


The best implant candidates have enough bone tissue to support their implants so that the titanium implant post fuses properly with the jawbone tissue during the implant process, creating a solid structure. This structure helps to improve your oral health and provides a more stable and balanced bite.


Missing Teeth Problems

Tooth loss can create a ripple effect that impacts oral and overall health. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth as soon as possible prevents future dental problems. Losing a tooth also means you are losing the root, which can cause a further increase in bone tissue and facial sagging. Remaining teeth can shift into the new gap and overcrowd, increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.


If you have just had a tooth extracted, lost a tooth, or missing teeth, we will examine your smile and discuss your concerns before recommending the best treatment options. We can review your budget, oral health goals, and dental history to create a custom treatment plan.

Implant Dentistry at Prestipino Dental Group

Learn more about the implant-secured restorations we offer at Prestipino Dental Group, as well as more information about dental implants:

Benefits of Dental Implants

At Prestipino Dental Group, our patients enjoy the benefits of dental implants whether they are replacing a single tooth or whole arches of teeth. Dental implants offer more benefits than removable restorations like dentures or dental bridges. Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris are passionate about providing high-quality dental solutions to patients in their Bethesda, Maryland dental office. Using dental implants, they offer high rates of success with natural-looking and long-lasting benefits.


Benefits of Dental Implants
Some of the benefits that dental implants provide include:


Aesthetics and Functionality: Dental implants are long-lasting and reliable dental restorations. Implants fill in the gaps left by lost teeth while functioning like natural teeth. Dental implants are capped off with dental crowns which are made of a ceramic that mimics the look of the teeth.


No Dietary Restrictions: Removable restorative options may come with dietary restrictions. With dental implants, the soft tissues in your mouth protect the hardware of the dental implant, which means you can enjoy the foods you love without damaging your dental restoration. Dental implants restore bite functionality and make it easier to chew and speak.


Simple Oral Hygiene Routines: Restorations such as dental bridges require you to brush and floss under and around the bridge hardware. Alternatively, dental implants can be cared for like natural teeth. Brush and floss your implants and remember to schedule regular preventative care appointments to keep them in good condition.


Reduced Bone Loss: If you have one or more missing teeth, your jawbone begins to weaken in areas that lack tooth roots. Bone loss can create an unstable bite, facial sagging, and the risk of further tooth loss. However, dental implants are made of durable titanium posts that replace the tooth at the root. Regaining this tooth structure helps to reverse problems caused by missing or lost teeth.

The Dental Implant Procedure

At our first consultation visit, a comprehensive exam will be performed that examines the health of your jaw joints, teeth, and gums. At the same visit, a dental CT scan will be completed that provides three-dimensional information of the bone for a future implant. Additionally, an intra-oral scan of your teeth may be taken and this information is merged with the dental CT scan to virtually plan the surgery. The information from the dental CT scan and intra-oral scan provides us with the necessary precision and accuracy for proper implant placement. Our treatment philosophy is based upon the concept of “Reverse Engineering.” 


All of our procedures are completed so that you are relaxed and comfortable during the entire process. Our dental implant surgeries are completed with local anesthetic and oral sedation can be offered as well.


If you require a tooth extraction, an implant may be placed at the same time that the tooth is removed. Drs. Prestipino & Sfondouris will examine the dental CT scan to see if you are a candidate for this treatment option. The benefits of immediate same-day implants are significantly reduced healing time, and most importantly, the preservation of the gum tissues to create an optimum final esthetic crown restoration.


If you require tooth extraction and an implant cannot be inserted at the same time, we will recommend a bone graft and/or a gum graft to prepare the site for a future implant. We perform our own bone and gum grafting services to increase the predictability of the result and healing.


Our implant surgeries are completed using minimally invasive plastic surgical techniques that are restoratively driven that preserve the maximum amount of bone and gum tissue to create an optimum restoration that closely replicates nature. After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, the implant post will fuse with the jawbone. Then, we will either obtain an optical scan or an impression of the implant. This information is sent to the laboratory technician to design and fabricate the abutment and crown. Drs. Prestipino and Sfondouris will collaborate and communicate with the technician to guide them as to the design of the abutment and crown. Each restoration is customized, and only genuine parts are used to create a functional and esthetic long-term restoration.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

There are many restorative dentistry options to choose from. Some of the most popular options, dentures, and dental implants, are effective in different ways. Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris of Prestipino Dental Group provide dentures and dental implants, as well as implant-secured dentures to their Bethesda, Maryland patients. Understanding how these two restorative options compare to each other will help inform you about how they treat specific dental needs. If you want to see if implants or dentures are for you, call our office for care today at 301-276-0219. You may also request a consultation with our dentists online. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have at your consultation.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most versatile methods of tooth replacement. They consist of a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Once the dental implant fully heals, it is capped off with an abutment and dental crown. The dental crown ensures durability when biting and chewing. The implant posts themselves replace a missing tooth at the root, which in turn, stimulates the jaw bone. Receiving care with one or more dental implants prevents facial sagging, shifting teeth, and further bone loss.



Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth that can replace a full arch of missing teeth. However, there are many alterations required if dentures are removable. Removable dentures look like natural teeth but may function differently. Dentures essentially suction onto the gums to hold themselves in place. They may slip or require messy adhesives. This can make it more difficult to eat or speak clearly.



Implant-Supported Dentures

If you wear dentures, or if you are missing full arches of teeth, dental implants can be incorporated into the appliance. During treatment to create implant-supported dentures, we strategically place dental implants to hold the dentures in place. Once the implants are fully healed, your new dentures will function just like natural teeth. Implant-secured dentures provide the same benefits as dental implants and are able to replace more teeth at once.

Multiple Teeth Implants

At Prestipino Dental Group in Bethesda, Maryland, we help patients with missing teeth by incorporating multiple dental implants into their treatment plans. With multiple dental implants in a dental bridge, we can determine the minimum amount of implants needed to replace your missing teeth. Then, we utilize modern dental bridge technology to fill the gaps in your smile.


Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris provide implant-supported bridges that allow patients to replace multiple teeth with a few dental implants as possible. Implant-secured dental bridges offer patients the benefits that are associated with dental implants. Traditional dental bridges do not last as long as implants and require dental crowns for natural healthy teeth. Learn why implants make dental bridges a more viable and longer-lasting restoration below:



Multiple Dental Implants

Traditional dental bridges do not use dental implants. They are supported by natural teeth that are adjacent to the tooth gap. Dental crowns cover the natural teeth which hold the prosthetic tooth in place. This restorative method is only a temporary fix for lost or missing teeth. 

Alternatively, implant-supported dental bridges provide long-term benefits, such as:

- Bone loss prevention

- Stability

- Improved bite function

- Natural tooth retention

- Improved speech


To begin dental bridge treatment, we first place multiple dental implants strategically in the mouth. Once the titanium implant posts fuse with the jawbone, we will attach the dental bridge. Each dental implant post is topped with an abutment and dental crown. The dental crown covers the post and abutment entirely and blends in with natural teeth. In addition, dental crowns are made of ceramic that can be color-matched for a more natural look. Implant-supported dental bridges can easily restore multiple teeth for a more stable restoration.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

Tooth loss is a common dental concern for many patients. Replacing a lost or missing tooth is important because even just one missing tooth can impact the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris offer single dental implants to replace a lost or missing tooth. They are experts in helping patients restore their smiles comfortably in Bethesda, Maryland.



Why Replace a Missing Tooth?


If you have a missing tooth, you are at an increased risk for dental problems. Even one missing tooth creates new pressure points in the remaining teeth. This adds tension to your jawbone and facial muscles, which increases the likelihood of developing a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). When you have lost a tooth, the remaining teeth begin to shift to fill in the gap. This increases your risk for gum disease and tooth decay because it is harder to clean between overcrowded teeth. It is important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible following tooth loss because of these dental problems.


What is a Single Tooth Implant?

A single tooth dental implant benefits patients who lost a tooth due to tooth decay or damage. Implants allow patients to discreetly restore their smiles because they blend in seamlessly with remaining teeth. A single dental implant:


Minimizes bone loss: When you lose a tooth, you also lose the tooth’s root. Doing so changes the jaw structure and fit of the bite. This also means that there is less bone tissue in the mouth. Receiving a dental implant restores the bone structure and supports the tooth root for a healthier smile.


Protects neighboring healthy teeth: If you only require one dental implant, neighboring healthy teeth are not impacted or damaged. Restorations like dental bridges need to cover natural teeth with dental crowns to support the appliance. Dental crowns require that some of the natural tooth enamel is removed so that it is placed properly in the mouth.


Restores a normal chewing force: A dental implant provides a stable foundation for a more balanced and even smile. This means that patients can bite and chew evenly and enjoy their smiles without dietary restrictions.

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