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Dr. Vincent Prestipino and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris treat patients with gingivitis and periodontitis to restore the health of their teeth and their smiles in Bethesda, Maryland. 


Gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums caused by the bacterial build-up of plaque around your teeth and gums. Gingivitis can be reversible with improved oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings.



Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease found in 35% of the adult population in the U.S. This disease effects the health of the teeth and jaw and is linked to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and many other systemic health problems.

Symptoms start out small with bleeding and inflammation of the gums, bad breathe, mouth sores, and toothaches. It is important to receive treatment for gum disease as soon as possible to prevent loose or lost teeth.

Safeguard Your Smile

Healthy gums are the first sign of a healthy mouth. Do you ever have red, swollen, or tender gums? Periodontal disease is a treatable gum disease that, if not addressed, can lead to serious dental problems. The infection associated with periodontal disease, periodontitis, affects the tissues that surround and support your teeth, causing discomfort, inflammation, and even tooth loss.

Causes of Gum Disease

There are several common risk factors associated with causes of gingivitis and periodontitis, including:

- Poor Oral Hygiene

- Smoking Cigarettes

- Diabetes

- Genetics

- Certain Medications

The best way to prevent gum disease is to maintain your oral health at home and schedule regular appointments at Prestipino Dental Group. During routine teeth cleanings, we remove the plaque buildup, which is a contributing factor to developing gum disease and custom create a tailed oral hygiene regimen to maintain the health of your teeth and promote the longevity of your restorations.



Treating Gum Disease at Prestipino Dental Group

If you have bleeding or irritated gums, we may recommend professional dental cleanings in our office. Our dental hygienists can reach areas of the mouth where your brush can’t reach using specialized dental instruments. Scaling and root planing are non-surgical treatments used in tandem to clean beneath the gums. Scaling removes plaque above the gum line. Planing removes calculus that forms beneath the gums and on the sides of the roots to help the gums attach securely onto teeth.


If you're experiencing symptoms like swollen gums, bleeding during brushing, or persistent bad breath, don't wait to contact our office.



Gum Disease FAQs

What are the benefits of periodontal therapy?

Eliminating existing bacteria and regenerating gum and bone and tissue help to reduce pocket depth and repair the damage caused by the progression of gum disease. With a combination of daily oral hygiene and professional maintenance care, you increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth and are less likely to experience the serious health problems associated with periodontal disease.

Is periodontal therapy painful?

No, periodontal therapy is not a painful process. We will use local anesthesia if necessary and can also recommend oral sedation options.

Can I treat bleeding gums at home?

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, you are more at risk of infections, or even losing teeth. Sometimes your gums bleed because you brush your teeth too hard, but you should visit our office so that our dentists can help you find the exact cause of your bleeding gums. Routine dental cleanings also supplement your at-home oral hygiene routine.

What does gum disease look like?

Gum disease can begin with bleeding or irritated gums and can slowly progress into white spots on the gums, and then gum recession. Visit our dental office if you notice any of these signs.

Can severe gum disease be treated?

We provide surgical procedures for severe cases of gum disease. Dr. Sfondouris was trained at the University of Maryland, where Periodontal Regeneration Surgery was first discovered. Regenerative procedures are often recommended to regain some of the lost hard (bone) and soft (gum) tissues, which have been lost. These procedures can reverse some or all of the damage naturally, by stimulating your body to reproduce the lost tissue. After painlessly removing the disease-causing bacteria, bone grafts and or tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue.

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