We are Celebrating our Hygienists!

Drs. Sfondouris & Prestipino • October, 17 2023

In recognition of National Dental Hygiene Month, we are celebrating our two hygienists, Renee, and Michelle. Both of our talented hygienists are an integral part of our dental health care team and work alongside our dental specialists, Drs. Vince Prestipino and Tassos Sfondouris. Both of our hygienists have been with our practice for a combined 45 years! We acknowledge the level of dedication, loyalty and trust they have built with the patients of our practice!

Our hygienists assist the doctors at PDG, by maintaining the health of our patient’s mouths by using cutting edge instruments and techniques to reduce the bacterial biofilm (plaque) that build up on our teeth and provide tailored oral hygiene education to our patients that match their unique challenges.  As such, our practice does not exist without the support of our talented hygienists who work diligently with our doctors to promote, health comfort and function. 


Join us in saying “Thank You” to our talented and dedicated hygienists! 

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